miio.deviceinfo module

class miio.deviceinfo.DeviceInfo(data)[source]

Bases: object

Container of miIO device information.

Hardware properties such as device model, MAC address, memory information, and hardware and software information is contained here.

property accesspoint

Information about connected wlan accesspoint.

If unavailable, returns an empty dictionary.

property firmware_version: Optional[str]

Firmware version if available.

property hardware_version: Optional[str]

Hardware version if available.

property ip_address: Optional[str]

IP address, if available.

property mac_address: Optional[str]

MAC address, if available.

property model: Optional[str]

Model string if available.

property network_interface: Dict

Information about network configuration.

If unavailable, returns an empty dictionary.

property raw

Raw data as returned by the device.

property token: Optional[str]

Return the current device token.