Source code for miio.deviceinfo

from typing import Dict, Optional

[docs] class DeviceInfo: """Container of miIO device information. Hardware properties such as device model, MAC address, memory information, and hardware and software information is contained here. """ def __init__(self, data): """Response of a Xiaomi Smart WiFi Plug. {'ap': {'bssid': 'FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF', 'rssi': -68, 'ssid': 'network'}, 'cfg_time': 0, 'fw_ver': '1.2.4_16', 'hw_ver': 'MW300', 'life': 24, 'mac': '28:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF', 'mmfree': 30312, 'model': 'chuangmi.plug.m1', 'netif': {'gw': '', 'localIp': '', 'mask': ''}, 'ot': 'otu', 'ott_stat': [0, 0, 0, 0], 'otu_stat': [320, 267, 3, 0, 3, 742], 'token': '2b00042f7481c7b056c4b410d28f33cf', 'wifi_fw_ver': 'SD878x-14.76.36.p84-702.1.0-WM'} """ = data def __repr__(self): return "{} v{} ({}) @ {} - token: {}".format( self.model, self.firmware_version, self.mac_address, self.ip_address, self.token, ) @property def network_interface(self) -> Dict: """Information about network configuration. If unavailable, returns an empty dictionary. """ return"netif", {}) @property def accesspoint(self): """Information about connected wlan accesspoint. If unavailable, returns an empty dictionary. """ return"ap", {}) @property def model(self) -> Optional[str]: """Model string if available.""" return"model") @property def firmware_version(self) -> Optional[str]: """Firmware version if available.""" return"fw_ver") @property def hardware_version(self) -> Optional[str]: """Hardware version if available.""" return"hw_ver") @property def mac_address(self) -> Optional[str]: """MAC address, if available.""" return"mac") @property def ip_address(self) -> Optional[str]: """IP address, if available.""" return self.network_interface.get("localIp") @property def token(self) -> Optional[str]: """Return the current device token.""" return"token") @property def raw(self): """Raw data as returned by the device.""" return @property def __cli_output__(self): """Format the output for info command.""" s = f"Model: {self.model}\n" s += f"Hardware version: {self.hardware_version}\n" s += f"Firmware version: {self.firmware_version}\n" from .devicefactory import DeviceFactory cls = DeviceFactory.class_for_model(self.model) dev = DeviceFactory.create(self.ip_address, self.token, force_generic_miot=True) s += f"Supported using: {cls.__name__}\n" s += f"Command: miiocli {cls.__name__.lower()} --ip {self.ip_address} --token {self.token}\n" s += f"Supported by genericmiot: {dev.supports_miot()}" return s