Adding support for new Zigbee devices

Once the event information is obtained as described in the push server docs, a new event for a Zigbee device connected to a gateway can be implemented as follows:

  1. Open miio/gateway/devices/subdevices.yaml file and search for the target device for the new event.

  2. Add an entry for the new event:

  - property: is_open # the new property of this device (optional)
    default: False    # default value of the property when the device is initialized (optional)
  open:               # the event you added, see the decoded packet capture `\"key\":\"\"` take this equal to everything after the model
    property: is_open # the property as listed above that this event will link to (optional)
    value: True       # the value the property as listed above will be set to if this event is received (optional)
    extra: "[1,6,1,0,[0,1],2,0]"  # the identification of this event, see the decoded packet capture `\"extra\":\"[1,6,1,0,[0,1],2,0]\"`
    property: is_open
    value: False
    extra: "[1,6,1,0,[0,0],2,0]"
  1. Create a pull request to get the event added to this library.