Source code for miio.identifiers

"""Compat layer for homeassistant."""

from enum import Enum, auto

[docs] class StandardIdentifier(Enum): """Base class for standardized descriptor identifiers."""
[docs] class VacuumId(StandardIdentifier): """Vacuum-specific standardized descriptor identifiers. TODO: this is a temporary solution, and might be named to 'Vacuum' later on. """ # Actions Start = "vacuum:start-sweep" Stop = "vacuum:stop-sweeping" Pause = "vacuum:pause-sweeping" ReturnHome = "battery:start-charge" Locate = "identify:identify" Spot = "vacuum:spot-cleaning" # TODO: invented name # Settings FanSpeed = "vacuum:fan-speed" # TODO: invented name FanSpeedPreset = "vacuum:mode" # Sensors State = "vacuum:status" ErrorMessage = "vacuum:fault" Battery = "battery:level"
[docs] class FanId(StandardIdentifier): """Standard identifiers for fans.""" On = "fan:on" Oscillate = "fan:horizontal-swing" Angle = "fan:horizontal-angle" Speed = "fan:speed-level" Preset = "fan:mode" Toggle = "fan:toggle"
[docs] class LightId(StandardIdentifier): """Standard identifiers for lights.""" On = "light:on" Brightness = "light:brightness" ColorTemperature = "light:color-temperature" Color = "light:color"
[docs] class VacuumState(Enum): """Vacuum state enum. This offers a simplified API to the vacuum state. # TODO: the interpretation of simplified state should be done downstream. """ Unknown = auto() Cleaning = auto() Returning = auto() Idle = auto() Docked = auto() Paused = auto() Error = auto()