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import json
import logging
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Dict, Optional

import click

    from pydantic.v1 import BaseModel, Field
except ImportError:
    from pydantic import BaseModel, Field

    from rich import print as echo
except ImportError:
    echo = click.echo

from miio.exceptions import CloudException

_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    from micloud import MiCloud  # noqa: F401

    "all": "All",
    "cn": "China",
    "de": "Germany",
    "i2": "i2",  # unknown
    "ru": "Russia",
    "sg": "Singapore",
    "us": "USA",

[docs] class CloudDeviceInfo(BaseModel): """Model for the xiaomi cloud device information. Note that only some selected information is directly exposed, raw data is available using :meth:`raw_data`. """ ip: str = Field(alias="localip") token: str did: str mac: str name: str model: str description: str = Field(alias="desc") locale: str parent_id: str parent_model: str # network info ssid: str bssid: str is_online: bool = Field(alias="isOnline") rssi: int _raw_data: dict = Field(repr=False) @property def is_child(self): """Return True for gateway sub devices.""" return self.parent_id != "" @property def raw_data(self): """Return the raw data.""" return self._raw_data
[docs] class Config: extra = "allow"
[docs] class CloudInterface: """Cloud interface using micloud library. You can use this to obtain a list of devices and their tokens. The :meth:`get_devices` takes the locale string (e.g., 'us') as an argument, defaulting to all known locales (accessible through :meth:`available_locales`). Example:: ci = CloudInterface(username="foo", password=...) devs = ci.get_devices() for did, dev in devs.items(): print(dev) """ def __init__(self, username, password): self.username = username self.password = password self._micloud = None def _login(self): if self._micloud is not None: _LOGGER.debug("Already logged in, skipping login") return try: from micloud import MiCloud # noqa: F811 from micloud.micloudexception import MiCloudAccessDenied except ImportError: raise CloudException( "You need to install 'micloud' package to use cloud interface" ) self._micloud: MiCloud = MiCloud(username=self.username, password=self.password) try: # login() can either return False or raise an exception on failure if not self._micloud.login(): raise CloudException("Login failed") except MiCloudAccessDenied as ex: raise CloudException("Login failed") from ex def _parse_device_list(self, data, locale): """Parse device list response from micloud.""" devs = {} for single_entry in data: single_entry["locale"] = locale devinfo = CloudDeviceInfo.parse_obj(single_entry) devinfo._raw_data = single_entry devs[f"{devinfo.did}_{locale}"] = devinfo return devs
[docs] @classmethod def available_locales(cls) -> Dict[str, str]: """Return available locales. The value is the human-readable name of the locale. """ return AVAILABLE_LOCALES
[docs] def get_devices(self, locale: Optional[str] = None) -> Dict[str, CloudDeviceInfo]: """Return a list of available devices keyed with a device id. If no locale is given, all known locales are browsed. If a device id is already seen in another locale, it is excluded from the results. """ _LOGGER.debug("Getting devices for locale %s", locale) self._login() if locale is not None and locale != "all": return self._parse_device_list( self._micloud.get_devices(country=locale), locale=locale ) all_devices: Dict[str, CloudDeviceInfo] = {} for loc in AVAILABLE_LOCALES: if loc == "all": continue devs = self.get_devices(locale=loc) for did, dev in devs.items(): all_devices[did] = dev return all_devices @click.option("--username", prompt=True) @click.option("--password", prompt=True, hide_input=True) @click.pass_context def cloud(ctx: click.Context, username, password): """Cloud commands.""" try: import micloud # noqa: F401 except ImportError: _LOGGER.error("micloud is not installed, no cloud access available") raise CloudException("install micloud for cloud access") ctx.obj = CloudInterface(username=username, password=password) if ctx.invoked_subcommand is None: ctx.invoke(cloud_list) @cloud.command(name="list") @click.pass_context @click.option("--locale", prompt=True, type=click.Choice(AVAILABLE_LOCALES.keys())) @click.option("--raw", is_flag=True, default=False) def cloud_list(ctx: click.Context, locale: Optional[str], raw: bool): """List devices connected to the cloud account.""" ci = ctx.obj devices = ci.get_devices(locale=locale) if raw: jsonified = json.dumps([dev.raw_data for dev in devices.values()], indent=4) print(jsonified) # noqa: T201 return for dev in devices.values(): if dev.parent_id: continue # we handle children separately echo(f"== {} ({dev.description}) ==") echo(f"\tModel: {dev.model}") echo(f"\tToken: {dev.token}") echo(f"\tIP: {dev.ip} (mac: {dev.mac})") echo(f"\tDID: {dev.did}") echo(f"\tLocale: {dev.locale}") childs = [x for x in devices.values() if x.parent_id == dev.did] if childs: echo("\tSub devices:") for c in childs: echo(f"\t\t{}") echo(f"\t\t\tDID: {c.did}") echo(f"\t\t\tModel: {c.model}") other_fields = dev.__fields_set__ - set(dev.__fields__.keys()) echo("\tOther fields:") for field in other_fields: if field.startswith("_"): continue echo(f"\t\t{field}: {getattr(dev, field)}") if not devices: echo(f"Unable to find devices for locale {locale}")